Apps & Software

Hands on


  • You need custom software to visualize any kind of content (i.e. data from a distant computer/server) or something to extend your presention like a mobile app?
  • You want to show something special on the web and you’re looking for the best way to make it real?
  • You have a brand new idea and you need someone who can get things done?


Voilà, that’s us!


Web Applications & mobile Apps



We build mobile applications and user front and backends based on web technologies. Such as HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, PHP and many more. You’re free to decide wether your desired app should be stand-alone or designed as a plugin i.e. for WordPress. User interfaces should be simple and easy to use. Therefor we care much about intuitive design and functionality.


Some of our recent projects are for example:


  • a web-based Digital Signage suite. Highly customizable,  screen-splitting, drag-and-drop content placing, variable timeline-settings, fading options, time scheduler. All distant signage terminals have auto-update functionally, so a user can update the content of any distant signage terminal within minutes, seperately or simultaniously/grouped. The editor can be used from any larger mobile device like Android tablets or iPads.


  • a timetable routing planner for transportation industries (Germany). Always giving the best routes out of nearly a million possible connections in nearly notime.


  • a GPS-tracking web plugin. Showing all vehicles (ships) actually in service upon the Lake of Contance (Germany). Including an extensive user backend to track all positions in the past.

We’re open for everything. So just ask us what we can do for you.

Software Development


You need functionality – We get it done! Simple and easy to use. Wether you use Linux or Windows®. We are specialized on small and medium scaled, high performant and long term stable applications. Stand-alone or as extensions to other software.


We deliver software solutions written in:


  • C++
  • .NET (C# & Visual Basic)
  • Java


We like the challenge. Give us a call – we find the solution!


Windows®-Desktop GPS-tracking software for seaborne computers including area-hit-management.