About Us

Ok, let’s get private :)


No, not really. But hey – We love our work – There’s enough room for fun

now seriously…


We are a Northern Irish company with German roots. So basically we learned our business on German engineering, computer science and graphical design.


We work on software and web design for more than 10 years and we can proudly look at many happy customers from all over the world.


In our history we have produced a lot of software for other companys which runs at public places all over Europe, mainly in public transport industry i.e. route planning applications, GPS tracking systems, Digital Signage and timetable applications. – And web pages, of course.


We love finding solutions, and we love teamwork. We see our  customers as part of the team, together we can make things possible. No matter if it’s about design or programming. We have the view for the whole.



We’re very looking forward to introducing you


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