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We recently released the first video presentation of a monumental Virtual Reality tour Vision of the Ages.

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We let ideas come to life


With 3D virtually everything is possible. 3D Rendering is much more than just another marketing tool. It opens a complete new dimension for creativity. Things become more real when they look real. What an opportunity to easlisy show people what you have in mind.



Product Rendering


With love to create things and bring them into live. This is an opportunity for you make your idea come to live and see it as it was already real to present it to your audience. We go deeply into the detail when necessary to present realistic results of any imaginable product. Once a model has been set up it is easy to create endless variations and scenes in any resolution and movie animations.


No need for taking 100s of photographs anymore


If you for example offer product printings in your online shop we can help you creating hundreds of examples with different color schemes and printing motives. But it doesn’t end there. We can provide you with a tool hosted by us to generate shop images on your own – ONLINE. All you need is a 3D model of your product created by us. It is even possible to build a plugin into your online shop to let customers upload their own images and see how the printing result would look like in real life.

see one of our latest projects below


click/right-click images to open/download full-size resolution


MobilityCube® – presentation image “in dawn”

High resolution image (3200×1800)


MobilityCube® – closeup from top left

High resolution image (1920×1080)


MobilityCube® – left tyre, fender & rim + power unit cover

High resolution image (1920×1920)


MobilityCube® – left tyre – close view

High resolution image (1920×1920)

MobilityCube® – presentation animation (GIF)

Click/right-click image or link to open/download
full animation – 10MB



MobilityCube® is a new Segway®-based wheelchair and the first one of its kind that is allowed to drive on Germanys roads within the regulations for vehicles-for-disabled-people.


MobilityCube® is a highly flexible in and outdoor, on and offroad vehicle helping people with almost any kind of disability to get more freedom and flexibility and to manage their life without assistance.


We’re glad to be helpful presenting this incredible product and to thereby help making life easier for so many people.



Visual IT Arts became successful in creating 3D animations and imagery. We want to do more to expand our portfolio and to use our full potential as artists that we are.


We are looking for opportunites to realise 3D animated film intros and music scores of any kind.

This is your chance to benefit from our talent by giving us the opportunity to work out an amazing presentation for you. Including a 3D animated film intro + music backgrounds and intros for your videos or slide shows. Perfect for your website and Facebook!


We are offering an amazingly good fare if you allow us to show the results on our website.


Don’t miss this chance!


Ask us – go here

Virtual Reality


We are glad to present the first results of our upcoming flag-ship of our portfolio which we don’t want to hide from the public any longer.


Virtual Reality is the latest hype in entertainment, gaming and presentation. This is where our slogan living visualization really comes in place. Because we put life into vizualization. Animated persons and animals, glowing sun rays and 3D sound bring perfection to every scene.


Already before the first models of the famous Oculus Rift where available for developers in 2012 we started to create amazing scenes based on historical sites which we want to bring back to life. Since then we have created highly realistic imagery and scenes that can really make you diving back into the past. YOU CAN FEEL IT! Even for us, as we developed the scenes ourself, we had the impression to move back to another era of time within a few seconds.




“Hohentwiel” is the the name of a stronghold in Sourthern Germany. The following 3 pictures represent the original landscape with view onto the Alpes in Switzerland and Austria (about 80 miles away). All settlements have been removed so any visitor can enjoy the view of the landscapes in their natural state.


The stunning experience of 3D Virtual Reality cannot be reproduced on 2D-media like a webpage.


Call us. If you’re interested in our 3D Virtual Reality we bring our equipment to show you how it feels like to grab the past!


North West view – Austrian Alpes and Lake of Constance

High resolution (1858×942)


South West view – Switzerland Alpes

High resolution (1895×942)


South East view – “Hegau” vulcan area

High resolution (1858×942)


Recontruction setup – close landscape shape and stronghold buildings. Colors represent height levels. The ground is covered with the image of a medieval map.

High resolution (1920×1080)

Titanic Quarter” is the area of the original Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast. The following images show a rough setup of the Titanic Qurter area (background from pictures taken in 2015), the Titanic hull when it while it was built in 1910 and the “Titanic House” that is 3D reconstructed on the following 2 images.

We have also created an MP3 file to bring back the atmopshere of a shipyard of that time.


Titanic House & Titanic Hull + Arrol Gantry (parts)

High resolution (1816×945)


Another perspective

High resolution (1816×945)

Click here to listen to the sound of the Shipyard
(pipe music added)


Shipyard MP3


Historical reconstruction in this form has not been used for museums or castle sites so far.


We’re still looking for an opportunity to make a fantastic presentation which can be shown to the public at a public place. We have everything at hand to produce high quality 3D terminals with the latest technology and 3D devices. Even weather resistant.


If you are involved in any history-based business and you’re interested in something that has never been done before, let us know!


We bring everything to show you how Virtual Reality feels like.